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Like many families, my family moved to Lafayette 7 years ago for our great schools, the beautiful scenery/outdoors, and a more relaxed lifestyle with great people.  We found what we were looking for, and I wanted to start giving back to our community. I started by coaching LMYA soccer and basketball teams.  In 2018, I was appointed to the Planning Commission, and I continue to serve, currently as the Vice Chair.

I want to continue my service to our community by joining the City Council. I will bring a fresh perspective. I’m in no way denigrating those who have served our community to date because they volunteered to provide their best guidance. However, I believe that it’s time for new ideas and additional vigor. It’s time to solve our issues and problems.

I will bring approximately 20 years of wide-ranging legal experience, both as outside counsel/advisor to many companies operating around the world and as in-house counsel/advisor to several companies. While we all have lawyer jokes, and I have many of them, I think it’s imperative to have an attorney or attorneys on the City Council to provide another layer of legal analysis. I am also very familiar with all of the new state housing laws and proposed housing legislation because of my work on the Planning Commission.  I don't need to get up to speed.

I don’t scare easily whether from tough issues or legal threats. I’m a team player, and my goal is to work collaboratively with all of Lafayette’s citizens, City Council Members, and all of our Commission and Committee members, who tirelessly volunteer their time to better our community.

Lafayette is a great place to live, and we should focus on working together to make it even better for all of our citizens.


  • Lafayette Planning Commission:  Commissioner (2018-Current); Vice Chair (2019-Current)

  • Acalanes Valley Homeowner's Association

  • LMYA Coach


  • Ygrene Energy Fund, Inc. - General Counsel and Head of Compliance

  • TaskRabbit, Inc. - Assistant General Counsel and Head of Litigation

  • Impax Laboratories, Inc. - Senior Director (Corporate Litigation)

  • Square, Inc. - Litigation Counsel

  • Nossaman LLP - Litigation Partner

  • Perkins Coie LLP - Litigation Associate

  • Morgan Miller Blair - Litigation Associate

  • Bingham McCutchen LLP - Litigation Associate


  • Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights - Member

  • San Francisco Law Library - Member of Board of Trustees and Treasurer



  • FISCAL MANAGEMENT - Lafayette has a limited budget, which will likely become more dire because of COVID-19. I know how to balance a budget. I understand how to allocate resources to get the most we can from our limited financial resources.

  • SMART DEVELOPMENT - Simply, there will be further housing development in Lafayette.  We need to maintain as much local control as we can.  Housing doesn't have cookie cutter solutions.  Our issues are not the same as Los Angeles or San Francisco.  I am in favor of SMART GROWTH, which means focusing developments in our Downtown. It is also essential to get everyone’s input as we update our new General Plan.

  • DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION - When we advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our community, it helps us live up to our values, create a stronger community, and achieve greater impact.  I can't believe we are in 2020 and still fighting for these basic human rights issues.

  • SCHOOLS - We are fortunate to have some of the best schools not just in the Bay Area but also in California and nationwide. It has taken a great deal of work from teachers, administrators, parents, and volunteers to keep our top-flight schools including extensive fundraising through LPIE. I will do everything in my power to support our schools including pushing the Legislature into changing the funding mechanisms from the State. I regularly get guidance on school-related topics from my better half, Amanda, who is a public elementary school teacher/Early Literacy coach.

  • TRAFFIC - After COVID-19, Lafayette residents will again have to face our traffic quagmire, and it's time to come up with solutions.  At a minimum, I would propose that the CCTA contract with StreetLight Data to get real-time traffic information, so we have a baseline on which to make our decisions.

  • PRESERVATION OF OPEN SPACES - One of the reasons my family moved to Lafayette was because of our open spaces and beautiful scenery.  I will do everything I can to maintain them and work toward acquiring additional land for more open space.  

  • DOWNTOWN PRESERVATION - It is essential that we continue to support our downtown businesses especially now that they have been battered by COVID-19.  We need to do everything we can to promote our businesses.  We cannot continue to lose businesses to housing.  We can have both.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY / EVACUATIONS - Public safety is one of the core functions of local government, and we must maintain it while keeping in mind the budgetary pressures.  The last few months have once again reminded us that wildfire danger is only increasing, and we need to do everything we can to be prepared including working with our public safety officials on regularly updating our evacuation plans.

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Amanda and Logan and Bigfoot.jpg


I am not taking endorsements because I want your vote to be for me and not because someone else feels like you should vote for me.  

My only official endorsements are from my spouse, Amanda (Teacher/Reading Coach Extraordinaire), my 9th grade son, Logan, who still hasn't retracted his endorsement.  Finally, our two furry family members, Desi (German Shepherd) is fully supportive while, Fannie (Bassett Hound), is somewhat supportive/apathetic.  


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